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Already the title has come to mind. But that’s usual. And that vague stirring of what/who it’s about. A woman, your everyday iconoclast. Prosaic with it, really (as opposed to “gangsta”). She is married and running rogue within said confines (as is her want/nature). She has determined to take her husband with her. She needs him to do “this” with her. She in fact would think of doing it no other way, or with anyone else. She did viscerally embrace her wedding vows. Those vows run on a loop in her blood through her heart.

  1. Then this is my version of Takashi Miike’s ‘Audition’ if you will.
  2. The time period would be the ’50s? Lends an immediacy and pronouncedly a danger to the accoutrements; plus perhaps an “ugly” elegance.
  3. A ZZ case file? -then I know the end as well? Unless the story changes on me. It could happen.
  4. This She takes a “night course”; adult education; psychology; let’s talk Freud -everyone can speak Freud
  5. Freud speaks S&M
  6. The plot lines run parallel (ZZ -1st person- and the She w/her husband -3rd person) until the reason for them to intersect comes with an eerie quietude.
  7. The mother hires ZZ — “I don’t want the police. Of course they’re just doing their job, but they don’t want to understand…” “What ma’am? What is it that they don’t want to understand?” “They don’t want to find out who put this sickness into my baby’s mind! That’s what I want to know! Who did this to her?” I refrained from giving a long low whistle, and kept watch on the mother from beneath my brows. “And if we find it out, ma’am? If we find out who put this in your daughter’s mind, then what?”
Total noir. Noir Psychedelia.

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