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Fearless, Fierce and She Bites

Dare I do the novel in a month challenge? How can I not? A fellow blogger posted that s/he has long wanted to get shut of his/her inner-editor, and I have to say, “me too!” I, too, want to stand up naked and unadorned in broad daylight. *whoa* Make that candlelight. The point is free fall. We all always do what we have to do. If you have to write nearly 2,000 words a day because you said you would, then you do. Couple that with this daily post thing and it becomes the “awesomest” because the idea I saw floated in the initial email is that your daily post can be used to outline and make notes on your write-it-in-30-days novel. Well, all righty then. Let me get all these characterizations, philosophical motivations and visceral urges out into the open, icy morning light or no. Or put more succinctly, I’m in.


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